Original SALT Booth® – Now with Sound and Color Therapy

One of the pioneers of the salt therapy industry, SALT Chamber was the first company to introduce the Original SALT Booth®.

First introduced as the Original SALT Booth® in 2014, our top-selling, enclosed, dry salt therapy unit has been upgraded in 2020 to now include Color LED Lights and a Sound Therapy Playlist to create the next version of a Sound, Color, and SALT Booth® in one!

Working together, sound, color, and salt can have a positive effect on bringing the body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance. Users can comfortably sit down, relax, read, or listen to a playlist of music that supports guided meditation and Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT).

By downloading the Bluetooth® app, users can also control the colors, brightness, and speed from one color to the next.

The Original SALT Booth® also comes with our Multi SALT FX® halogenerator to provide individual and personalized skin and lung therapy. Individuals can adjust various levels and concentration of salt particles to offer a more individualized and targeted salt therapy session.

The Original SALT Booth® takes a small space and turns it into a powerful healing environment for people with various respiratory ailments, skin conditions, detox, and general wellness, from 30 minutes to as little as 10-minute sessions.

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“Learn How a 4′ x 4′ Space Can Earn You $6,000/month With Salt Therapy.”

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booth product S.A.L.T. Booth®

Music Lovers

booth pop1 S.A.L.T. Booth®

You can adjust the brightness,
color and blinking speed of the
lights via app control, as well as
synchronize the light with your
favorite music.

MULTI S.A.L.T. FX® Halogenerators

MULTI Salt FX SmallCircle S.A.L.T. Booth®

Featuring our fully automatic, virtually self-cleaning halogenerator with adjustable levels of concentration of salt particles, which allows for a more individualized session.

Booth With a View

booth pop3 S.A.L.T. Booth®

Plexiglass door and panels help create an open and relaxing space.

Spatial Satisfaction

booth pop4 S.A.L.T. Booth®

Roomy, built-in seat, allows the user to get comfortable in whatever pose or position works best for them.

Ambiance Awaits

booth pop5 S.A.L.T. Booth®

Bluetooth controlled RGB (LED) light and built-in speakers allow the user to enjoy color and sound therapy.

Original SALT Booth® – Experience Color Therapy

Original SALT Booth® – Available Colors

*Slight Upgrade Charge for White. Ask Us For More Information,

10 Benefits of Sound Therapy*

  1. Stress relief
  2. Fewer headaches
  3. Boost in confidence
  4. Increased focus
  5. Additional energy
  6. Improved relationships with others
  7. Clearer thoughts
  8. Improved organization skills
  9. Improved attention span
  10. Relief from common ailments such as hypertension, stomach pain, depression, and joint pain

*https://www.healthline.com/health/sound-healing (Medically reviewed by Carissa Stephens, RN, CCRN, CPN on January 27, 2020)

10 Benefits of Color Therapy*

  1. Reduced swelling and decreased inflammation
  2. Pain relief
  3. Accelerated healing
  4. Increased range of motion
  5. Decreased muscle tension
  6. Improved circulation
  7. Regulated mood
  8. Improved sleeping patterns
  9. Relief od SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  10. Anti-Aging Benefits

*https://infraredsauna.com/blog/chromotherapy-sauna-benefits-color-light-chart/ July 3, 2018


  • Investment is minimal
  • Dry Salt Therapy provides a great value to the end-user
  • Low labor and maintenance costs
  • Growth market
  • Open territories and non-competitive marketplace
  • Accelerated return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Original SALT Booth® comes fully assembled (Halogenerator must be attached to the booth)


  • Multi SALT FX® Halogenerator
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Kit
  • One 10-lb. container of HaloSalt™


  • Color LED Lights that Produce Color Therapy (Chromotherapy)
  • Sound Therapy (Sonotherapy) Playlist Included
  • Built-in Spacious Bench
  • Plexiglass Door
  • Built-in High-Quality LED Reading Light
  • Convenient Dock and Audio Plug for your Portable Device
  • Full-Range, High-Fidelity Music Speakers


  • Dimensions: 83.00” H x 33.63” W x 41.50” D
  • Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Can plug into a standard 110V wall outlet
  • Power Consumption: 35W
  • LED Wattage: 9W
  • **3-year warranty on halogenerator
  • Made in the USA

** see the warranty and terms and conditions for complete details


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