Why dry salt therapy aka halotherapy

Today, more and more people are suffering from respiratory issues. From pollution and smog to airborne diseases, pollens and toxins, never before has our society been faced with a growing epidemic of respiratory ailments. Salt therapy also enhances and impacts various skin conditions. Salt therapy has been researched over the past few decades and even centuries in history as proven to be a safe alternative and compliments other treatments to produce sustainable results.

 Salt Therapy & Halotherapy


Most people are familiar with ‘wet’ salt therapy. Whether you’ve put salt in a bath or have had a saline solution treatment or have used a Nettie pot to clear your nasal passages or gargled with salt water, wet salt has its benefits. Dry salt is different and the drier the salt the better. That is why S.A.L.T. Chamber’s protocols include heating the salt prior to putting it into the salt chamber. Heat ensures that all moisture is evaporated so when it is crushed and grinded into micro particles and inhaled, the salt particles can do their best job.

How it works

Dry pharmaceutical grade salt is heated and then it is grinded and crushed into very tiny micro-particles. These dry aerosol micro-particles of salt are then dispersed into the salt room during a typical session. As the person relaxes in the salt room the micro-particles are inhaled. The particles penetrate deep into the lungs, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli. While inside the salt room, the non-inhaled salt particles fall onto the skin.


 Salt Therapy & Halotherapy


Halotherapy benefits adults and children alike as well as athletes and animals. It is natural and safe and there are no side affects. A majority of people who visit salt rooms on a regular basis may find relief from a variety of respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, common cold, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and more. Dry salt therapy is great for people who also have particular skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, recovering from cosmetic surgery, etc.

However, one does not need to have any conditions since dry salt therapy is very beneficial for overall general wellness by removing the toxicity from the respiratory system. People are exposed on a daily basis to pollutants, airborne diseases, bacteria, allergens and other irritating and harmful. Halotherapy is an excellent way to cleanse and detox the lungs as well as invigorate the whole body with increased lung capacity and oxygen intake.

For general respiratory hygiene, once or twice a week visiting your local salt therapy facility will enhance the lung capacity, boost immune system, reduce stress and aid better sleep.

More chronic and acute respiratory conditions require increased frequency and consistence of the sessions. 3 – 7 times a week for a period of 14 – 21 days will help to manage the symptoms and provide relief over time.


Halotherapy is recognized as safe and effective wellness practice for preventive and restorative health care. It is not a medical treatment and does not offer cure! Halotherapy is not recommended for people with contagious diseases, fever, open wounds, cancer, severe hypertension, mental disorders and active tuberculosis. Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before using halotherapy. Anyone with serious health concerns need to seek proper medical advice and care. There are many clinical studies and research, along with testimonials from customers, as to the health benefits and efficacy of salt therapy.

Many countries around the world have varying ways they govern and regulate their citizens health related matters. In some countries, Halotherapy is covered by their Government’s Health Care system, or insurance companies.


 Salt Therapy & Halotherapy

Salt therapy equipment and concepts that are used in commercial facilities can be brought into the home for personal use as well.

Salt Chamber has dozens and dozens of customers who have built their own salt rooms or have brought the S.A.L.T. Bed® or S.A.L.T. Booth® into their homes for more frequent use and convenience.

Currently, there are only about 150+ halotherapy facilities around the US and Canada. The Industry is growing very fast and as more awareness about the benefits of dry salt therapy and the business model becomes known, more facilities will be established.

Many people drive great distances and spend time to seek halotherapy given the great results they have received. Many respiratory conditions require frequent use to gain the best results. However, this can be inconvenient and costly. In addition, there are some conditions, such as Cystic Fibrosis, where it is best for people to be isolated for their salt therapy sessions.

The same principles for building a commercial salt room applies to installing a home salt room. There are HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) issues to address as well ensuring that the salt air doesn’t corrode or damage other aspects of the house or your personal belongings. Many people chose to plug in a S.A.L.T. Bed® or S.A.L.T. Booth® since it is portable, no building or modification needs to be done with the HVAC or any other build out.

Explore how you too can have a home salt therapy solution. Contact us!


 Salt Therapy & Halotherapy

Humans are not the only ones that benefit from halotherapy.

Other land-based breathing animals have a respiratory and lung system similar to that of people.

And like people, animals and our pets are exposed to the same air we breathe which often contain pollutants, pollen, allergens, air borne diseases and more. They often experience the same issues including inflammation, extra mucus, and restrictive breathing.

There are also unique issues that affect the respiratory systems of some of these animals including dogs and cats.

For example, most of the lower airway conditions in cats are due to non-infectious causes, with inflammatory airway disease associated with allergies or unknown triggers being the most common. Reactive airways result from ongoing irritation. These reactive airways tend to narrow the airways (bronchoconstriction) and produce excess mucus, leading to difficulty breathing, fast breathing, and sometimes, cough and nasal discharge.  Feline Lower Airway Disease (FLAD) is an umbrella term to describe the conditions that lead to lung airway pathology.

Horses have a large lung capacity and often have issues with normal mucociliary clearance and in fact, there are specific guidelines for measuring this excess mucus, especially with thoroughbred and race horses.  Horses also face extreme skin conditions from being exposed to wind, dirt, mud and other factors.

Salt Chamber’s partner, Equine Salt Therapy offers a unique, first-of-its-kind salt therapy treatment for horses.  Their patented dry salt aerosol delivery system and protocols assists with high-performance, rapid recovery and ultimate wellbeing, creating favorable conditions for achieving success as an equine athlete.  Very specific protocols have been thoroughly tested and established and more and more professional horse trainers and veterinarians are welcoming dry salt therapy.

For more information about providing salt therapy for animals and pets, contact Salt Chamber.

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