SALT Chamber Salt Therapy (Halotherapy) Videos

Welcome to the SALT Chamber salt therapy (halotherapy) video page. Enjoy videos from our CEO Leo Tonkin explaining everything you need to know about salt therapy products, equipment, and decor, as well as information about how to become successful in the salt therapy industry. Watch our videos, and then schedule a time for a 30-minute one-on-one phone conversation with Leo.

Welcome to SALT Chamber!

CEO Leo Tonkin introduces you to SALT Chamber, one of the world’s leading authorities for educating, consulting, marketing, training, and distributing the best Salt Therapy products and services.

Salt Rooms vs. Salt Caves – What’s The Difference?

What’s the difference is between a salt room and a salt cave? SALT Chamber CEO Leo Tonkin answers this Salty Question for you!

Salt Rooms vs. Salt Booth® – What’s The Difference?

Salt Room…SALT Booth®…What’s the Difference? SALT Chamber answers everything you need to know and more in this edition of Salty Questions.

Combining Salt Therapy and Sauna

Ever wonder about the effect of combining halotherapy (dry salt therapy) and sauna? SALT Chamber CEO Leo Tonkin answers this Salty Question for you!

Why Salt Therapy is important in the Virus Era

Please watch as SALT Chamber Founder and CEO Leo Tonkin and Spa Industry Association President Allan Share discuss “Why Salt Therapy is Important in the Virus Era”.

Respiratory health, a stronger immune system, and a reduction in stress and anxiety have never been more important.

The Evolution of the Halogenerator

Please enjoy this video about the evolution of the halogenerator by SALT Chamber CEO Leo Tonkin. The halogenerator is the machine that grinds, crushes and disperses pure grade sodium chloride to produce halotherapy (dry salt therapy).

What is a Halogenerator and How Does it Operate?

Did you ever wonder “What is a Halogenerator and How Does it Operate?” SALT Chamber CEO Leo Tonkin answers that question.

How to Evaluate Halogenerators

Did you ever wonder what to look for and how to evaluate the different halogenerators?SALT Chamber CEO Leo Tonkin explains that “Not All Halogenerators Are Created Equal”, and why our SALT FX® halogenerators are special.

How to Install a Halogenerator

SALT Chamber CEO Leo Tonkin explains how to install a halogenerator and discusses everything you need to know to become a salt therapy success story!

Salt Room Conversion – Costa D’ Este Resort & Spa

Wondering what to do with an underutilized room? Watch how SALT Chamber took a steam room at Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa and turned it into a beautiful new salt room.

Equine Salt Therapy – Vaccarezza Racing Stables

SALT Chamber is the pioneer in providing halotherapy access to horses (equine salt therapy). We have partnered with the top trainers and facilities from around the world to create salt rooms in stables and trailers, as well as portable systems via our SALT FX® halogenerators.