What is a Halogenerator?

The heart and soul that breathes success to a salt room, salt cave or a salt therapy concept starts with the halogenerator (halo is salt in Greek).  A halogenerator is a special type of equipment that is used to provide safe and effective dry salt therapy, also known as Halotherapy.  The primary therapeutic benefit of a salt room is derived from pure Sodium Chloride being crushed, grinded and dispersed into the air in precise microscopic salt particle sizes and concentration levels from the halogenerator.

According to the Salt Therapy Association there are some salt rooms and salt caves that claim they offer halotherapy but they do not have a halogenerator. Without a halogenerator, there is no Halotherapy. They may have salt has a décor feature on the walls and floors, however the only way dry salt therapy (Halotherapy) can be provided is with dry salt being dispersed into the chamber or room.  While some claim that heated Himalayan salt can be beneficial in an environment by releasing some negative ions to counter balance Electric Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and positive ions, these type of salt rooms and caves do not provide any benefits of halotherapy.

What else you need to know?

In addition to a halogenerator, some salt rooms may require special modifications to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to:

  1. Ensure effective and consistent dispersion of the dry salt aerosol and;
  2. Eliminate and avoid any potential corrosiveness of the salt throughout the environment

Not all locations, spaces and systems are the same.  Since each of our client projects vary from location to location, SALT Chamber works with you, real estate brokers, landlords, engineers, architects and general contractors to:

  1. Understand how the dimensions and shape of the salt room space may impact the effectiveness
  2. The proper placement, location and installation of the halogenerator
  3. Establishing the right protocols and salt therapy programs built into the halogenerator
  4. Using the right amount and type of salt
  5. Properly clean and maintain the halogenerator
 what is a halogenerator

Why choose SALT Chamber?

Since 2012 SALT Chamber has revolutionized the salt therapy industry, not only in being the pioneers in developing the industry throughout North America, but with continuing to introduce innovative salt therapy concepts to over 235+ facilities across the country and in other regions of the world.  

SALT Chamber is the only company that has halogenerators manufactured that are certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) which meet the requirements for ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 designations.  This means that the devices and the industrial electronics are manufactured to very stringent quality standards and testing.

SALT Chamber is the only company offering several different models, configurations and prices to fit various size salt rooms and caves, salt therapy concepts, and applications—to fit your needs and budget.

In addition, SALT Chamber is the only full service salt therapy company that is located in the United States with a dedicated technical, parts and service team.  That means our warranty service is local and we offer free consulting, training, toll-free support and trouble-shooting.

All SALT Chamber halogenerators include the following:

  • Three-year warranty (extended warranties are available)
  • Online and Toll-Free Support/Services
  • Free Relay Switch to connect auxiliary devices directly to the halogenerator (ventilation, lights, music ,etc.)
  • Complete Installation and Operation Manuals and Videos
  • Extension sleeves and salt deflectors (to direct dry salt aerosol in the room)
  • Comprehensive One-on-One Training
  • Maintenance Guidelines and Protocols
  • Free Halogenerator Starter Kit
  • Free 10# Pound Container of Halo-Salt™ (lasts approximately 100-200 sessions)
  • Various size cleaning brushes specially designed for the halogenerator
  • Downloadable Bluetooth App to remote program and operate Halogenerators
 what is a halogenerator
 what is a halogenerator
 what is a halogenerator


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