Introducing the HaloTech Prizma halogenerator, the preferred halogenerator for salt rooms. The simple, easy-to-use and install halogenerator that is the most durable and quietest on the market. The most sophisticated halogenerator with proven technical parameters.


Great Housing Design


Compact, quiet, space saving and made with high-grade stainless steel components. It has a separate control unit with an illuminated touch screen allowing it to be placed up to 65ft away.



Housed in stainless steel that prevents clogging and makes it very easy to clean. It’s high quality motor and gear has a magnetic attachment for simple usage.



Provides two sets of blades for pre-grinding in the inner and fine grinding in the outer. The mill produces particles in large volume that are smaller than 3 microns and is designed to provide air flow that prevents excessive build up.


Features ‘smart connect’ attachments using high-industrial strength magnets for quick and easy access for simple maintenance.


  • Non-stop regime provides continuous flow of live salt throughout the operating time
  • Free from clogging
  • State-of-the-art mill has numerous blades instead of 4 or 5, operating at a constant high speed at all times
  • Salt is circulated by incoming air pressure to guarantee the most effective cutting process eliminating salt build up in the chamber
  • The only halogenerator with a special controlling unit
  • Salt concentration can be incrementally adjusted for the duration of therapy session
  • 9 programs, easy to set
  • Stainless steel housing unit
  • Comes with an illustrated user’s manual and cleaning set, making it a simple installation and cleaning process.


  • Up to 440 sq. ft. room
  • Powder feed rate: 0-200 g/h
  • Powder tank capacity: 150g
  • Operating voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Low power consumption: 70W
  • Wall mounted
  • Generator 10.2×8.3×17.5 | 23 lbs.
  • Control unit 10.2×4.8×8 | 10 lbs.
  • Separate auxiliary controls
  • CE certified
  • 2-year warranty
  • Certified training

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