MULTI-S.A.L.T. Booth®

Our unique MULTI-S.A.L.T. Booth® is an enclosed, dry salt therapy unit featuring our MULTI-S.A.L.T. FX® halogenerator that provides individual and personalized skin and lung therapy. Now you can adjust various levels and concentration of salt particles to offer a more individualized and targeted salt therapy session.

The MULTI-S.A.L.T. Booth® takes a small space and turns it into a relaxing and soothing environment for people who would benefit from dry salt therapy (halotherapy). The small space also provides effective salt therapy sessions from as little as 10 minute up to 30 minutes.

 MULTI S.A.L.T. Booth®


 MULTI S.A.L.T. Booth®

Roomy, built-in seat allows the user to get comfortable in whatever pose or position works best for them.

MULTI S.A.L.T. FX® Halogenerators

 MULTI S.A.L.T. Booth®

The most compact, innovative and easiest to maintain and operate. Featuring the lightest and quietest halogenerator on the market.
Includes 9 pre-programed programs with up to hundreds of programming possibilities to meet all of your halotherapy needs. It also has Bluetooth technology to operate from smartphones and tablets. Made from both corrosive free plastic components and stainless steel to ensure durability and reliability.

Booth With a View

 MULTI S.A.L.T. Booth®

Glass door and panels help create an open and relaxing space.


 MULTI S.A.L.T. Booth®

Enjoy the benefits of dry salt therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home while saving time and money. The compact size allows you to place your MULTI-S.A.L.T. Booth almost anywhere in your home or garage. Our special financing deals can make owning your own Mult-S.A.L.T. Booth a reality. Learn more by clicking on the financing link or call 855-LUV-SALT.


 MULTI S.A.L.T. Booth®

You spend so much time at the office already, now your 15-minute break can be a relaxing and therapeutic escape from the daily grind. The compact size and special leasing options make it easy to add the Mult-S.A.L.T Booth to your office. Whether your business is small or large, you and your employees will love the benefits of dry salt therapy at work. Learn more by clicking on the financing link or call 855-LUV-SALT.

Fitness Center

 MULTI S.A.L.T. Booth®

With the benefits of salt therapy awareness on the rise, it makes sense to add dry salt therapy to your fitness center. The compact size allows you to set the Multi-S.A.L.T. Booth just about anywhere in your facility and the affordable payment options make it a must-have feature to add and promote to your members. Learn more by clicking on the financing link or call 855-LUV-SALT.


  • There is minimal investment
  • Dry Salt Therapy provides a great value to the end-user
  • Low labor and maintenance costs
  • Growth market
  • Open territories and non-competitive marketplace
  • Accelerated return-on-investment


  • Measures 81 ̋(6’9”) X 31 ̋(2’7”) X 41 ̋ (3’5”)
  • MULTI-S.A.L.T. Booth® Weighs 180 lbs
  • Plugs into standard 110v 35w wall consumption
  • Three-year warranty
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Made in the USA


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booth brochure MULTI S.A.L.T. Booth®

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