Our unique SALT Bed is an enclosed, portable compact dry salt unit with a fully automatic and adjustable halogenerator for both individual skin and lung therapy.

Dry Salt Therapy,  Simplified and Personalized!!

Now people can get better results in a comfortable, nurturing  and  individualized environment.
This unit provides an intense healing environment in just a 10-15 minute session.
Adjustable levels and concentration of salt particles provide a more individualized and targeted specific session.


Safe, easy and maintenance free

  • Requires very little space.  No need to have salt on walls and floors.
  • No installation or concerns for existing HVAC systems.
  • Just plug into a 110V wall outlet.
  • It is backed with a 2 year warranty with quality service, certified training and quick response time.


Unique Experience

  • Includes built-in soothing colorful lights and sound system to provide a multi-sensory and relaxing experience.
  • Heated double bottom provides both comfort and flexibility for those who wish to lay down on soothing salt crystals.
  • Low platform height allows for easy entry to accommodate all people.


Distinct Features

  • Multi-functional unit with a revolutionary design that allows you to isolate skin, joint and muscle therapy from respiratory therapy.
  • By isolating the skin, you can use a higher concentration and other varieties of salt.
  • This is something salt rooms can’t provide!

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• Features our S.A.L.T. FX™ Halogenerator • Accommodates 1 adult plus 1 child • Measures 86″ x 36.5″ x 46.8″ closed (78.7 open) • Adjustable lying position• Clear cover• Circulates outside air
• Plugs into standard 110V wall• Built-in stereo sound • Ambient sensory lights built-in • Heated double bottom• UV sanitary lights built in unit• Distinct partition for isolating head• CE Certified• 2 year warranty